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L-31 - Lot in front of Del Mar Academy


One of the most privileged locations in our catalog of lots. Del Mar Academy Lot is right in front of the prestigious IB School: Del Mar Academy. This property is 8,572m2 and has two different reliefs: a part of this property is flat and the other part is a hill. This gives you different opportunities when building. The area where this lot is located is in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood. You will be delighted looking at the beautiful houses around and green trees. It truly has a great mix of nature and architecture. This is a residential area, so most of the houses are inhabited by their owners and their families. What you can expect of living here is a quiet and friendly familiar neighborhood. Additionally, it is important to mention that the most prestigious school is placed here so it makes a very secure area too. Since this is a very broad property, the lot can be segregated in two or three lots. This is a great opportunity since this is one of the best places to live in Nosara. The reason why this area is so requested is because it is a residential area full of trees and nature but it is also strategically located that it is just a short drive from the gas station and the bank and a few minutes from the closest supermarket. IN FRONT OF DEL MAR ACADEMY SCHOOL ✔️ Nice lot with terrace in front of the famous and prestigious del Mar Academy ✔️ Mixed relief - one part is a hill and another part is flat ✔️ Located on a street of beautiful houses and friendly neighbors ✔️ Safe and quiet neighborhood ✔️ Water need to be requested ✔️ It’s for residential use ✔️ Can be segregated into 2-3 lots
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